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What Is Bayaloans?

At  Bayaloans, we understand that financial events don’t always follow a regular pay schedule and sometimes we need some help. Our mission is to provide customers with fast access to a personal loan through a simple, secure and transparent process.

A personal loan is a type of loan that is intended for personal or family use. Personal loans are typically unsecured, meaning that it is not necessary to have any form of collateral such as property. All you need to qualify is proof of your identity and a regular source of income. Some common uses for personal loans are completing a large purchase, renovation or repair, consolidating debt, or to simply cover unexpected expenses, both large and small.

Why We Are Different

We believe that everyone deserves access to credit. When you submit your loan request with Bayaloans, your request is sent to our network of over one hundred lenders. Our network of lenders provide quick and secure access to loans, industry-standard security, around the clock access and the ability to request from home or on the go. The power of borrowing is effectively put in your hands!

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Our secure form only takes a few minutes to complete. The process is completely online – no lineups and no waiting. Our form is also optimized for both iOS and Android browsers for on the go requests.

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Once we have connected you with a lender, you can review and e-sign your loan agreement on the spot. Once the process is complete money is usually deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Repay Your Loan

Bayaloans  manages a network of personal loan lenders that offer the flexibility to repay with multiple instalments, in some cases up to 60 months. We also work with short term lenders who offer smaller loans that are typically paid back according to your next pay date. In cases where we are unable to connect you with an instalment lender we do our best to secure a short term loan to address your immediate cash needs.



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Financial needs can change over time or suddenly. Bayaloans can empower you to do more regardless of your circumstances. Get started now!

Bayaloans is not a financial institution, lender, loan broker, or an agent of a lender or loan broker. Bayaloans does not make loans, is not involved in the loan approval process, and is not involved in a lender’s decision-making process in any way. Bayaloans is a free, no obligation service, that introduces prospective borrowers to prospective lenders who offer Personal Loans. Bayaloans merely provides a means for persons seeking personal loans to possibly connect with lenders who can provide those loans. In order for Bayaloans to facilitate such a connection, a prospective borrower is required to provide certain information in order for the lenders that Bayaloans works with to determine whether they might be interested or able to lend money to a prospective borrower. Bayaloans receives compensation from the lenders who, based on their criteria, determine that a potential borrower appears to meet their lending criteria (a “Lead” or “Leads”). 

The lenders who compensate Bayaloans for Leads may request that introductions and Leads be based on information provided by prospective borrowers including social security number, address, phone number, employment history, bank account information etc. However, the information you submit on this website is not an application. It is information required by the lenders we work with in order to determine whether there’s a potential fit between a prospective borrower and a lender. Bayaloans does not accept loan applications, does not collect loan applications, does not sell loan applications, and does not assist in the loan application process in any way. Prospective borrowers will need to fill out an application with any lenders they are connected to through this website. Prospective lenders may verify your supplied information with a number of independent verification companies including but not limited to: CLVerify, Teletrack, or Accurint. Prospective lenders may ask for additional information as part of their application processes. Bayaloans cannot and does not guarantee that a prospective lender will approve a loan in a certain amount or even that a prospective lender will approve you for a loan. Qualifying for final approval for a Personal Loan depends on many factors including, but not limited to: income levels, credit and state of residence Not all lenders will approve a loan for the full amount requested. Not all lenders will approve a loan up to $15,000. All requests are subject to credit approval by the lender and the exact terms of your loan will be determined and presented to you by your lender. Each lender uses their own policies to determine their terms.